Cyborg Drone Skills


Drone: Tank Class
The combat tank of the Cyborg race, the Drone is extremely tough and built to take all the punishment the Post Apocalyptic world can throw at it

* Class Bonuses:Fortitude: +10
* Willpower: +5
* Intelligence: +5

* Class Specific Abilities:Mechanized Armor
* Knockdown

Passive Skills:

Adamant : Starting Skill

Offence Skills

Conversion : Starting Skill
Flashbomb : Starting Skill
Knockdown : Starting Skill
Warcry : Starting Skill

Smash-1 : Level:1
Flurry-1 : Level:1
KOBlow-1 : Level:1

Smash-2 : Level:10
Flurry-2 : Level:10
KOBlow-2 : Level:10

Smash-3 : Level:20
Flurry-3 : Level:20
KOBlow-3 : Level:20

Smash-4 : Level:30
Flurry-4 : Level:30
KOBlow-4 : Level:30

Smash-5 : Level:40
Flurry-5 : Level:40
KOBlow-5 : Level:40

Smash-6 : Level:50
Flurry-6 : Level:50
KOBlow-6 : Level:50

Smash-7 : Level:60
Flurry-7 : Level:60
KOBlow-7 : Level:60

Healing Skills

FirstAid-1 : Starting Skill

FirstAid-2 : Level:5
Guard-1 : Level 5

FirstAid-3 : Level:15
Guard-2 : Level 15

FirstAid-4 : Level:25
Guard-3 : Level 25

FirstAid-5 : Level:35
Guard-4 : Level 35

Guard-5 : Level 45

FirstAid-6 : Level:55
Guard-6 : Level 55

FirstAid-7: Level:65?

Support Skills

Resolute-1 : Starting Skill

Mech-1 : Level:1

Resolute-2 : Level:1

DullPain-1 : Level:5

Nanites-1 : Level:10
Resolute-3 : Level:10

DullPain-2 : Level:15
Mech-2 : Level:15

Resolute-4 : Level:30

DullPain-3 : Level:35
Mech-3 : Level:35

Resolute-5 : Level:40

Resolute-6 : Level:50

DullPain-4 : Level:55
Mech-4 : Level:55

Resolute-7 : Level:60


This is the cyborg's way of generating racial points.


Flashbomb is an AoE that deals stamina damage and dazes anyone within melee range


Description needed


Warcry makes its return to CCS, giving tanks the ability to frighten enemies around them and weaken their resolve for 30 seconds


A basic brawlers punch that has the ability to daze the target for a brief period.


A quick flurry of attacks at all targets in 5 meter range of the user, allowing for stopping multiple targets quickly and draining some of their stamina.


A heavy hitting, but slow attack, with a good chance to knock your opponent senseless for a few seconds.


The most basic healing turning stamina into health.


Armours the Tank.


Wetware version 2.0 of Mechanization, super energizing servo cable mimi-muscle and increasing overall strength for the period of the effect


A Temporary HP Buff.


Cyborg level 10 racial HoT.

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